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7 Inexpensive Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

Vacationing during Spring break can get pretty expensive, considering it’s one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. You don’t need to break the bank! We’ve compiled a list of fun, inexpensive staycation ideas to enjoy with family and friends. Plus, taking the time to enjoy home or your local attractions, allows your family to get creative and fall in love with your local community again.

1. Experience A Backyard Camping Day

Pitching a tent in your backyard is the perfect idea to enjoy the camping experience with little children. You’ll still have a restroom available, access to food, and if there’s an emergency, you’re right there at home! This is also a great way to “trial run” a camping experience with the family.

2. Plan A Park-Hop

Make it an adventure and visit the best parks and playgrounds in your city, and enjoy some time with nature. You can take it up a notch by visiting ones with special features, like fountains, zoos, trails, etc. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, water and snacks! Plus, pack a delicious lunch and turn it into a picnic. 

3. Go On A Hike Or Bike Trail

Research a hiking or biking trail spot near you. We recommend looking for safe, family-friendly trails! Make sure to pack comfortable running shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen and snacks. Hiking and biking has been proven to increase health and happiness. You’ll get to experience some great bonding moments with your family and friends.

4. Visit A Trampoline Park

Nothing like getting your heartbeat up at a trampoline park! We promise you’ll experience a happy, fun-filled and highly memorable time. Trampoline parks are great for ages all around! To find your closest Get Air location click here.

5. Enjoy A Board Game Day

If you’re looking for a plan where you get to stay at home, game night is the way to go. And it is also perfect for all ages! Get some board games and apps together. We recommend Guess Who?, Twister, Pinch ‘N’ Pass, Heads Up, Pictionary, Taboo or Psych! We promise you’ll have a blast.

6. Visit Your Local Library

Libraries are always worth exploring. Visiting the library can encourage reading, curiosity and imagination in children. Additionally, you could research if your local library offers any activities, storytime sessions or classes. 

7. Check Out Local Markets and Fairs

Visiting a farmer’s market can be really fun. There is usually live music and locally-made treats to be enjoyed. Plus, you’ll get to support local businesses in your community with this inexpensive staycation idea.