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5 Egg-citing Easter Gift Basket Ideas

It’s April and Peter Cottontail will soon be hopping down the bunny trail! This magical time of year brings out the kid in all of us. Many of you may be looking for gift ideas for the little ones in your life. Look no further, I’ve compiled a list of five Easter basket gift staples from goodies to trampoline park gift cards and more.

1. Activities

Fun for everyone is top of mind during Easter. Stuff those baskets with family friendly activities. Gather round the table and enjoy slime, silly putty, playdoh and even dyeing eggs! Cards, puzzles and board games are other great activities that fit well inside baskets and bring the whole family together.

2. Books

You can never go wrong when you give the gift of reading! In fact, books offer a lot of options and cater to a variety of reading levels. Fill your baskets this year with fun Easter themed books and others your kids love.

3. Gift cards

Gift cards are an Easter gift basket must-have! They allow you to give a variety of gifts ranging from food, to places, events and more. In fact, you can give the gift of play this year with GET AIR Trampoline Park gift cards.  

4. Toys

Looking for gifts your kids will love? Hula Hoops are always a popular choice! Other fun and basket-sized toys include slinkys, yo-yos, hacky sacks, blocks, balls, art supplies, cars, dolls, musical instruments and so much more.

5. Snacks & Treats

Naturally, the stores will be packed to the brim with Easter candy and you can pick up as little or as much as you’d like. If you’re trying to steer clear of a sugar rush, we suggest trying some snacking alternatives like popcorn balls, trail mix, mini carrots and, of course, dyed hard boiled eggs are always a favorite!

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