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5 Family-Friendly Fitness Ideas for 2020

Children riding bicycles on a sunny day.

With New Year’s comes the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s safe to say one of the most common resolutions revolves around health and fitness. Starting tends to be easy, but keeping up a health kick often gets pretty challenging. Here are some family-friendly fitness ideas that are not only fun but have amazing all-over toning and body-renewing benefits.

1. Dance around in your room

Not only is this easy, as it doesn’t follow a strict routine or choreography, but it is great for getting the whole family involved and moving! Dancing relieves stress, elevates your heart rate and can be a great mood lifter. Plus, it’s free!

2. Jump on a Trampoline

Trampoline jumping will completely change your perspective on fitness! It increases lymphatic flow on the body and detoxification, helps reduce cellulite, exercises the whole body without excess pressure on feet and legs, reduces body fat and it’s incredibly fun. You won’t even feel like you’re exercising at all! According to StyleCraze, trampoline exercises have the ability to burn off unwanted fat in a  short span of time.

3. Bike around your neighborhood

Another great way to get your fitness on, and perfect for getting the kids involved is going for a bike ride! You can bike to and from your closest park. Not only will it allow you to get some fresh air and de-stress, but it’s also amazing for your heart rate and physical health.

4. Follow some yoga videos on Youtube

There’s so much free yoga content online ranging from every level to difficult with a variety of lengths (you choose how much time you can squeeze in!). Even just 15 minutes of yoga can help you increase flexibility, perfect your posture, lower blood sugar and build muscle strength. Need more reasons to add yoga to your 2020 routine? Find them here.

5. Hiking with friends and family

Research a hiking spot near you (we recommend looking for safe hiking trails) and plan weekend trips with your loved ones. Make sure to get your hiking shoes, pack plenty of water, snacks and head out to explore! Hiking has been proven to increase health and happiness. Plus, you’ll get to experience some great bonding moments with your family and friends. 

Enjoy these family-friendly fitness ideas? For more fun content in 2020, follow our blog!