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8 Steps For An Epic Company Holiday Party

Christmas is just around the corner and holiday parties are a great way to connect with your employees and clients. It’ll give your business a great brand image, motivate and retain employees and it’s a wonderful way to say thank you to those who make your business successful. Not sure where to start? This guide is for you! We’ll give you 10 epic company holiday party ideas everyone will remember and rave about!

1. Make a Budget

Budgeting is key! You can make an estimate based on past company parties and events. Make sure to consider everything you need and calculate how much you want or can spend per guest. I recommend factoring a percentage as a contingency for unexpected expenses that almost always seem to come up.

2. Prepare a Guest List

Making a guest list saves you time, money and organization issues. You should always let your guests know how many plus ones they are able to invite. If space or budget is tight, you might need to stipulate that only employees and their spouses can be accommodated. You should also consider inviting clients that have helped your business.

3. Set a Date

There’s no perfect day to plan a company holiday party, but some days are bound to work better than others. Make sure you announce a day with plenty of time so people can organize their schedules. A Friday night party a few hours after work gives your employees time to change and rest before the festivities.

4. Scout and Select a Venue

I recommend renting a venue outside of your office or workplace. This allows employees to connect on a more personal level discussing topics unrelated to work and destressing.
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5. Choose a Caterer

Food is always at the center of every social gathering. Bonus points if you make sure that the catering menu is suitable for all dining needs. If you hire a catering company, they will be able to give you amazing insight into a dinner that works for most of your employees and guests.

6. Choose a Host or Speaker

The right host can add life to your party and allow everything to flow from beginning to end. A great idea is having someone that is well respected in the office or someone you consider a charismatic leader give a speech.

7. Organize Activities

A good set of activities will keep your guests entertained. I recommend finding fun ways to bring everyone together. You can organize a raffle or gift exchange, recognize the accomplishments of your employees, do a dance battle, organize a performance, put on a film with pictures of all your employees, etc. Check out more holiday party activity ideas here.

8. Book a Photographer

While iPhone pictures can be pretty good and cost-effective, hiring a photographer allows you to capture every moment. A professional really makes a huge difference. I recommend renting a photo booth, this will give guests an activity to participate in and encourage everyone to get quirky while having fun with the props.

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