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Fall for these Autumn Birthday Party Ideas

Getting ready to plan an autumn birthday party and worried about the weather? I get it. Do you dare plan an outdoor party when autumn showers could ruin the day? Do you dare stuff 20 kids into your living room and hope no one brings a cold? It’s certainly a risky, often unpredictable season. So, I’ve put together some Autumn birthday party ideas that your kids will enjoy rain, chill, or shine!

1. Corn Maze Party

Corn mazes have always been an intrinsic part of the fall season for my family. Whether it’s a chilly day-time maze with hayrides and pumpkins or a spooky Halloween-themed maze, planning a trip to a corn maze makes for a great party venue. Make it a race by timing maze-goers or by seeing who makes it to the end the fastest two out of three times. Bring prizes (like gift cards, candy, or small toys) for the winners, in addition to your party favors.

2. Leaf Diving Party

This party will take some forethought and prep, but it is definitely worth it! The weeks leading up to the party, rake the fallen leaves into bags and keep them outside. If you haven’t got your own tree, offer to rake leaves for all your neighbors and you’ll soon have a vast collection of leaves for your party. Pile the leaves into a massive mound, and let the kids go at it. Its simplicity is its genius. Kids will love leaf fights, burying each other in leaves, hiding in leaf piles, and whatever other games their imaginations find in the leaves.

3. Pumpkin Picking Party

Did you ever see a misshapen pumpkin whose stem reminded you of a witch’s nose? Or a pumpkin with a boil that looked like a man’s funny nose? Pumpkins inspire many Autumn birthday party ideas! Take a group of kids to a large pumpkin patch, and send them on a pumpkin hunt. Tell them to find a pumpkin that reminds them of something — a Halloween monster, a pet, or a person would all work. Kids will love finding their perfect pumpkin. Take the pumpkins to a park, or back home, and let the kids paint their pumpkins to bring their imaginative ideas to life!

4. Apple Party

This delicious red, orange, yellow and sometimes green fruit is a fall staple! It can transform any birthday party into a Fall extravaganza. Bobbing for apples, apple carving, apple pie making, apple tosses, caramel apple decorating or even apples to apples give your party a uniquely autumnal touch.

5. Magical Harry Potter Party

Fall offers the perfect scenery to bring this classic to life for your child’s birthday party. Whether you’re celebrating Harry’s birthday with your child’s on July 31st, having the welcome feast on September 1st, or enjoying the Halloween magic of October, Harry Potter themed decorations and games will bring some autumn magic to any party. Decorate your house table with hanging candles (all you need are toilet paper or paper towel tubes, hot glue, fishing line, and tealight candles), offer house points for winning games, make butterbeer and attempt to play some muggle quidditch. Just remember to tell the kids the house-elves aren’t on duty and they need to clean up their own mess!

6. Petting Zoo Party

For your animal-loving youngsters, consider a trip to a local farm or petting zoo for their birthday. Bedecked in plaid or gingham, kids will love feeding the animals and getting up close to new furry friends. Pack a picnic if the weather is good, and finish the afternoon with hot chocolate and cookies.

7. Jump Party

Consider choosing a jump party at a local trampoline park. Enjoy fun features and activities indoors protected from the unpredictable weather and chill of the season. Ninja obstacle courses, dodgeball, basketball, and trampoline floors ensure everyone has a blast. All you have to do is show up and enjoy!

8. Pie Party

Pies of all sorts are a time-honored fall tradition and have been for centuries. In my family, we favor the sweet, creamy deliciousness of pumpkin pie. In fact, it has become a birthday favorite for my November baby. Prepare crusts and fillings with guests (or beforehand if your children aren’t as hands-on as mine) and let the kids create their own pie creations — full-sized, individual muffin-sized, or turnovers. While they bake, pie-eating competitions are unbeatable (and delicious) fun. Whether your guests are gobbling down whipped cream, pudding or slices of pumpkin pie, the kids will fill their tummies and have an amazing time.

9. Oktoberfest

Though an adult’s mind goes straight to beer, Oktoberfest is a German tradition that can easily inspire a children’s birthday party. Spiced apple cider, bratwurst, bread, pretzels, gingerbread and kuchen (cake) of all kinds can grace your table to make an Oktoberfest feast. Try traditional games like a kazoo march, a yodeling contest, pretzel-making or a barrel roll. Put on some German music and play musical chairs, have a brat eating contest, and hold a costume contest for the best lederhosen! Kids will have a blast at this uniquely themed party.

10. Costume Party

October is an ideal time for a costume party, but all of Fall is free game for costume-loving kiddos. Throwing a costume party brings whimsy and excitement to any party. Additionally, kids get the chance for some extra use out of their Halloween costumes. A costume contest is a great activity, as are many classic party games, from pin the mask on the superhero to pinatas.

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