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Family Staycation Ideas for More Fun and Less Stress

We all know travel budgets can be tight this time of year. So what is a family to do when they need a little time away to bond and connect, but don’t have the cash for a trip? I suggest getting out but staying closer to home by trying one of these family staycation ideas. One of these is sure to up the fun and decrease the stress for your next family bonding session.

Local hotel stay

Staying in a hotel offers a great way to feel like you’re getting away without going far at all. With all of the amenities modern-day hotels offer, there are plenty of options for family fun. You can usually enjoy a pool, restaurant, game room and more with your hotel staycation. Plus, this idea feels like a full vacation at a fraction of the price. The perfect getaway for a busy parent.

Trampoline park

This time of year, indoor activities are especially fun! Bring the whole gang to a trampoline park for a family dodgeball game. Let the kiddos work out some of that sibling rivalry on exciting features like a battle beam. Square off on ninja obstacles to see who’s fastest or strongest. With all of the possibilities and activities, a trip to your local park is sure to please everyone. Make a full night of it by going out to eat after!

Scavenger hunt

This idea provides plenty of fun and requires little in terms of money and resources. With some advance planning, you can have hours of challenging yet exciting fun for the whole family. Print a list of things for your kids and their cousins or friends to find. Scavenger items can be anything from people to things or objects and places. Once you have your list, set the kids loose to find their targets, with parental supervision if needed. Offer a prize to the winner to up the fun factor. After, you can even take the whole family out to dinner or a sweet treat!

Movie night

My family loves a good movie night! In fact, we frequent a drive-in theatre close by that plays double-features. We grab our blankets and snacks to cuddle up under the moonlight while watching the newest family movies. This also works great indoors if you don’t have a drive-in in your area. Pick two favorites on Netflix and cuddle up on the couch for a relaxing night in with this staycation idea.

Enjoy these fun family staycation ideas? Check back every week for more family fun ideas, tips and tricks!