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Four Tips for the Perfect Fourth of July BBQ

Over the years, the Fourth of July has become known as Independence Day and the ultimate grilling holiday. It’s the day where American families drop everything to eat, drink, and be merry in the name of patriotism! In fact, many families have traditions that stick through the generations, from Fourth of July pancake breakfasts to firework shows over a local park. You don’t have to dump tea into the Boston harbor to make the day memorable. If you’re trying to think of a few ways to perfect your own barbequing ways, I’ve got a few tips to help make your Fourth of July BBQ the talk of the town!

1. Show your Red, White, and Blue

The patriotic colors of the American flag are an absolute must for any Fourth of July BBQ! Red tablecloths, red, white and blue centerpieces, festive flag decorations, colored ribbons, even balloons are all great additions. But it shouldn’t just be your decor that’s overwhelmingly patriotic! Add raspberries and blueberries to ice cubes to add a splash of color to every drink. Try a stunning blueberry or apple pie for a classic American centerpiece. Check out Buzzfeed Tasty’s patriotic recipe ideas and think about integrating a few into your own spread here.

2. Keep the Menu American BBQ Staples

The most disappointing thing about a barbeque is when you don’t see all your favorites on the grill! Hot Dogs, burgers, country style ribs, and corn on the cob are necessities for any Fourth of July BBQ. Don’t forget the potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, baked beans, potato chips and watermelon!

3. Use the Classic’s to Keep the Kids Entertained

For generations, American families have played games and held races for their Fourth of July BBQs. Races like a three-legged race, potato-sack races, wheelbarrow races, relay races, and crab walk races all help kids learn teamwork and even offer opportunities for parents to bond with their kids as they race toward the finish line with their legs tied or taped together. Additionally, other games like egg-balancing walks, water balloon toss, bean bag toss or capture the American* flag will keep the kids entertained and wear them out for the fireworks after the barbeque.

4. Finish with a bang

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without fireworks! Whether you give your guests sparklers and let everyone write their names, a firework show from a box or a local show of fireworks lighting up the night sky, your family will love the colorful, flaming fun.

*Please remember to respect our Nation’s Flag! If playing games like this, get flags that are not 100% accurate or that were meant to be played with. It’s fun to play but remember that our flag demands respect, and there is a proper way to display it. For more information on handling the flag click here.

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