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Free Printable Activities to Entertain Your Kids

Well, moms and dads, we made it! In fact, back to school week means the older kids are sorted. If you need a little something to entertain your younger kids, try these awesome free printable activities. I themed the activities for back to school to help get you through the upcoming busy nights!

Word Search

Word activities like the one below disguise learning with fun! Completing this word search can help your children develop word recognition, learn context cues, recognize patterns, practice spelling and expand their vocabulary. Download and print by right-clicking on the image below.

Coloring Page

Coloring complements word-related activities. In fact, the benefits of coloring include improved fine motor skills, school prep readiness, increased creativity, color recognition, improved focus and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, coloring boosts confidence, self-esteem, self-expression and relieves stress. Get started today by right-clicking on the image.


Additionally, crosswords offer many of the same benefits as word searches. Plus, they help sharpen problem-solving skills, relieve stress and improve mental health. Click to download and get your kids learning while having fun in no time!

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