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Summer Bucket List Ideas for Your Family

Summer is the time of year meant for family adventures and endless fun! The kids are home all day, the weather is amazing and the great outdoors cries out to be explored by your over-energized, house-bored kids! When I was a kid, my parents would give us a list of possible adventures and each of us was allowed to pick one. Since there were three of us, that meant three family adventures that we got to pick every year for our summer bucket list.

In fact, I’ve followed the tradition with my own kids, and I thought I would share this year’s choices. If you ever find yourself with a free weekend the season, just take a look at this summer bucket list to find yourself a family adventure! Whether you pick a few special activities or try to do every single one, this fun list of 50 family-friendly activities includes all of my favorite things for the perfect summer!

50 family-friendly activities

  1. Go Camping
  2. Take a Ride at the Local Amusement Park
  3. Visit the Lake or Beach for a Swim
  4. Have a Picnic
  5. Go Horseback Trail Riding
  6. Take a Ride on a Zipline
  7. Go to a Baseball Game
  8. Catch a Fish for Dinner
  9. Explore a Cave
  10. Have a Backyard BBQ
  11. Attend a Kids’ Art Class
  12. Make S’mores around a Fire
  13. See a Movie Outdoors (a Drive-In or a Park)
  14. Build a Sandcastle
  15. Make Homemade Ice Cream
  16. Watch Fireworks
  17. Try Out Summer Camp at your Local Trampoline Park
  18. Eat Watermelon and Spit out the Seeds
  19. Fly a Kite
  20. Stay Up Late and Stargaze
  21. Plant a Vegetable Garden
  22. Tye-Dye T-Shirts
  23. Build and Decorate a Birdhouse
  24. Visit an Aquarium
  25. Shop at a Farmer’s Market
  26. Go to a Water Park
  27. Learn How to Walk a Slackline
  28. Visit the Zoo
  29. See How Many Books you can Read in a Week
  30. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  31. Go Fruit Picking
  32. Play on a Slip-N-Slide
  33. Visit a State or National Park
  34. Take a Road Trip
  35. Run Through the Sprinklers on a Hot Day
  36. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  37. Sleep in the Backyard (either in a tent or on the trampoline!)
  38. Take a Nap in a Hammock
  39. Attend a Local Festival or Fair
  40. Make Fresh Lemonade
  41. Ride a Tube or Kayak Down a River
  42. Have a Neighborhood Race Day
    • Three-legged race
    • Egg on a spoon race
    • Wheelbarrow race
    • Potato Sack or Pillow Case race
  43. Eat Corn on the Cob
  44. Go to an Outdoor Concert or Music in the Park
  45. Decorate the Driveway and Sidewalk with Chalk Art
  46. Taste a New Food Truck
  47. Learn about Local History at a Museum or Local Tour
  48. Homemade Pizza Night
  49. Taste a Food none of your Family has Tried Before
  50. Go to Every Ice Cream Joint in Town and Try a new Flavor