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Galaxy Dots

This activity is featured throughout our entire park! We have multiple versions including archery, basketball, and the galaxy table.

Galaxy Dots

Archery: Ready? Aim…Fire! Step into Robin Hood’s shoes with galaxy dots archery. Shoot your arrows into the targets and score as many points as possible. Get competitive and improve your score each round!

Galaxy Table: Pleasure-seeking, adventurous kids who want to join in on the amazing interactive dots will love this inflatable; it was made for them. In addition, the inner kid in adults rise up and they really enjoy the challenge. Use the different game modules to compete, enhance hand-eye coordination and improve endurance.

Basketball: Feel like a professional basketball player with this interactive game. Try to hit the spots by making a basket! The spot lights up with your color under the basket that you need to focus on. This way, you can try to get as many points possible to defeat your opponent.

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