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3 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get the kids involved in some fun craft activities. There are many benefits to crafting. In fact, craft projects nurture kids creativity, encourage self expression, memory and self esteem. Plus, these craft ideas are a great way to entertain children for a few hours.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are sweeter and offer a more personal experience! Get some cardboard paper, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, paint, buttons, stencils, and whatever sort of crafty material your kids enjoy. You can search Pinterest boards for inspiration but always allow the imagination to flow.

Valentine’s Day Candy Jar

For this activity you’ll need some cardboard, scissors, stickers, clear tape and an old recycled jar you got laying around. Let the kids get creative with the stickers and cardboard. Time to create some shapes, drawings, hearts and messages with the cardboard. Afterward, you’ll need clear tape to stick the crafty decor to the jar. Now for the fun part, fill it up with candy! We recommend Valentine’s Day heart shaped candies. This makes for the best gift for your child’s friends, they can personalize name tags, messages and impress everyone in school!

Valentine’s Day Garland

Need some last minute Valentine’s Day decorations? You’ll only need some twine, colorful cardboard and scissors for this craft idea! Get your cardboard and cut into heart shapes. Get extra creative and decorate with glitter and markers. Cut as many hearts as you like, depending on how long you want your garland to be. Cut two holes on each side of the cardboard hearts, and slid the twine in between the holes to connect all of them together.

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