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Six Weekend Activities for an Epic Father’s Day Gift

Somehow it’s the middle of June and Father’s Day is coming up fast! In my family, we’ve made it a tradition to send the kids off with dad for a Father’s Day adventure, then home to a family barbeque. If you’re trying to think of gifts for dad, here’s a list of a few of the adventures my little ones considered for a Father’s Day gift this year!

1. Father’s Day Weekend Fishing Trip

Fishing may seem like a very father-son activity, but my little miss loves to fish with her dad as much as the little man does! If dad feels up to it, pack up the car and take the kids on an overnight camping trip! In fact, driving to the campsite can give the kids the feel of a road trip, and between the fireside, riverside and roadside, there’s plenty of time for bonding!

2. Leather-Working or Wood-Working Class

If your kids are more crafty and dad doesn’t mind working with his hands, they might enjoy a local leather-working or wood-working class! Check out the local artisan community to find classes. Additionally, many places even do special Father’s Day classes!

3. Archery Adventure Camp

Undoubtedly, one of the great things about June is that the summer camps are in full swing! You can probably find a few that have day passes for family adventures. For example, dad can take the kids to learn some useful skills, and the kids will really enjoy learning from dad all day.

4. Indoor Trampoline Park Adventure

Gift dad and the kids with a Father’s Day jump pass at your local trampoline park. Dad’s jump for free on Father’s Day and kids get hours of fun! Certainly, activities like dad versus kids dodgeball or ninja course races, ensure everyone can enjoy their fill of father-kid fun!

5. Paintball Challenge

Certainly, a little competition is sure to liven up Father’s Day! If your kids are a little older and ready for some competition, nothing says “I love you dad” like an all-out paintball war between the generations.

6. River Tubing Water Adventure

Find a local outdoor equipment rental shop and hit the nearest rushing river with a couple of large inflatable tubes. Riding them down the river and hiking back will give dad and the kids an exciting day of play plus wear them out just in time for dinner.

Whatever adventure your little ones choose, they’ll love to spend some quality time with dad. There’s no better Father’s Day gift than the chance to create some life long memories with the ones you love.