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The USA in Ice Cream: Fifty Flavors to Taste this National Ice Cream Month

Did you know that most states have an unofficial State Ice Cream Flavor? From teaberry to blue moon to cowboy cookie, our 50 states have many unique ideas of what the perfect ice cream flavor should be. Not only is July National Ice Cream Month, but the third Sunday of July (July 21, 2019) is also National Ice Cream Day! And why not? July is one of the hotter months of the year; and, a cold and creamy treat is just the ticket on any summer day. If you’re feeling like an adventure this National Ice Cream Month, check out my list of the states’ favorite flavors and try out a few!


Alabama — What flavor could be more southern than Butter Pecan?

Alaska — Akutaq, also known as Eskimo ice cream, is a local delicacy more about preparation   than flavor

Arizona — The simple, sweet cinnamon of a Southwest Horchata

Arkansas — Banana Nut


California — Did you know that Rocky Road ice cream was invented in California? It was first launched during the Great Depression and is still a state favorite!

Old-fashioned rootbeer float

Colorado — Nothing beats classic old-fashioned vanilla smothered in the decadent bubbles of rootbeer. The Rootbeer Float has been a Colorado favorite since it was invented on Cow Mountain.

Connecticut — It may be the nutmeg state, but Cow Trax (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls and mini chocolate chips mixed in) is the state flavor.


Delaware — Mint Chip – a classic flavor for one of our original 13 colonies


Florida — The Citrus State loves a good Orange Dreamsicle


Georgia — Did anyone have to guess twice? Peach!

Traditional Hawaiian Ube ice cream


Hawaii — Ube. This exotic fruit flavor is popular on the big island


Idaho — Huckleberry is the state fruit and a great ice cream flavor

Illinois — Malt was first made famous in Chicago, and Illinois still loves a good Chocolate Malt

Indiana — Sugar Cream (Vanilla ice cream with a hint of nutmeg)

Iowa — Bunny Trax (vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, fudge sauce, chocolate covered peanuts, and peanut butter swirls)


Kansas — True to their state pride, the University Creamery’s “Purple Pride” is a State-wide favorite… a delicious blueberry ice cream!

Kentucky — What better flavor for the bourbon state than a delicious bourbon vanilla?


Louisiana — Praline Pecan


Maine — The state famous for their blueberries loves a good blueberry swirl ice cream

Maryland — A blend of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and oreo cookie bits, known as Maryland Mud

Massachusetts — Maple Nut

Midwestern Superman ice cream cone

Michigan — Superman. Known as the flavor of the midwest, this red, yellow and blue blend of three midwestern favorites is the star of the Michigan creamery.

Minnesota — Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, new unique flavor combinations are submitted and voted on. This year, it’s down to Late Summer Dream (Rich vanilla ice cream or malt topped with zesty orange marmalade and crunchy vanilla wafers), MINTesota Nice (Chocolate mint cookies, mint syrup and chocolate drizzle over a smooth bed of vanilla ice cream or malt), or Birthday Batter Blast (Celebrate with creamy vanilla ice cream or malt topped with birthday cake bites and rainbow sprinkles).

Mississippi — Mississippi Mud makes just as good of ice cream as it does cake.

Missouri — Did you know the waffle cone was invented in Missouri? Missourians don’t seem to mind what flavors they’ve got so long as it’s in a good waffle cone!

Montana — Chokecherry


Nebraska — Butter Brickle (a Sweet Cream ice cream base with toffee)

Nevada — The state that brings us Las Vegas also brings the deliciously over the top Western Sundae: vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry on top!

New Hampshire — True to their state fruit, Pumpkin is a favorite flavor all year round

New Jersey — Watermelon

New Mexico — A nod to the Hispanic heritage of the area, a chili-infused chocolate ice cream puts the Mexico in New Mexico

New York — New York boasts many wild and exotic ice cream flavors, but according to several ice cream websites, New Yorkers swear by a good cherry ice cream

North Carolina — Banana Pudding. How exactly one turns the pudding into ice cream I’m not sure, but there are tons of recipes out there!

North Dakota — A popular local fruit, Rhubarb makes a delicious ice cream flavor


Ohio — The classic Buckeye flavor is peanut butter and chocolate

Oklahoma — Strawberry is the state fruit, and it’s also their favorite flavor

Oregon — Did you know that Oregon produces 95% of the hazelnuts in the US? In fact, hazelnut ice cream couldn’t exist without them

Banana split


Pennsylvania — The all-American banana split was invented in Pennsylvania, and it’s still a favorite for the natives to enjoy


Rhode Island — This state is so obsessed with coffee that coffee milk is their state beverage… it’s no surprise that coffee is also their favorite ice cream flavor.


South Carolina — Mmmm… Toasted Coconut

South Dakota — This state claims to have invented one of the most popular ice cream flavors ever… Cookies and cream!


Tennessee — Another state with an awesome invention, cotton candy has become a popular ice cream flavor in Tennessee

Texas — Monster Cookie (vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and M&Ms mixed in)


Utah — The Utah State Creamery, known as “Aggie” Ice Cream, is famous statewide for it’s Aggie Blue Mint flavor


Vermont — A mysterious flavor only found in Vermont, Teaberry is a slightly minty ice cream

Tiger tail ice cream

Virginia — Though it may sound like a strange combination, Tiger Tail (Orange flavored ice cream with swirls of black licorice ice cream) is a Virginian favorite


Washington — Do you prefer your Pistachio ice cream with chunks, or smooth and creamy?

West Virginia — Black Walnut

Wisconsin — Another midwest classic, Blue Moon is the Wisconsin way: everyone loves the smurf blue concoction, but no one knows exactly what it tastes like. Fruity pebbles with almond seems to be the most common description.

Wyoming — True to their wild-west heritage, the Cowboy Cookie (oatmeal cookie dough ice cream) is the flavor of choice

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